The Confident Rider:Creating Confidence in the Saddle

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The Confident Rider: Creating Confidence in the Saddle is an eight module self-study coaching package for those interested in creating Next Level confidence in their riding.

Whether you are a beginning rider, a re-entering adult, a competitive rider with specific aspirations, or a trainer looking to up your game and provide next level support for your riders, this package provides an energetically supportive and provocative environment to develop and strengthen confidence and connection with the equine partner.

The training and exercises in each module are designed to encourage participants as they release limiting thoughts and find their aha moments - and the outcome of this program is confident, creative, and joyful riding!

Module One: What's YOUR Why?

Module Two: The Gap

Module Three: Deliberate Confidence

Module Four: Confidence and the Physical Body

Module Five: Confidence and Mindset

Module Six: Confidence and Emotions

Module Seven: The Energetics of Confidence

Module Eight: Expanding into Next Level Riding

Are you ready to build the confidence you've been craving?

Then I'll see you in Module One!

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The Confident Rider:Creating Confidence in the Saddle

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